May, 2010

I visited in Kathmandu for 5 days while on my trip to Everest.

Political unrest, 12 hours a day of power cuts and incredibly crazy street traffic made this city a pupil-dilating experience and the overload of sights, sounds, colours and smells lead to sensory overload.

I spent a lot of time in the touristy Thamel district but did venture into the 'real Nepal' before my time in this country ran out.

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My wonderful hotel. Stayed here for 5 nights in total.
The first night I moved rooms because the it smelled like a Sherpa who had not showered in a week!
The second night my window was over the Hotel generator...I did not sleep a wink...
and the food was terrible!
I got the feeling that all hotels here have this kind of quality!

From a roof top cafe in the Durbar area of Kathmandu.

yummy...goats head soup anyone?

A trip to the countryside brought me to Dakshinkali Temple.

Every Saturday hundreds of Hindu's from all over the area make a pilgrimage to this temple
dedicated to the bloodthirsty goddess Kali.
The Pilgrims drag all sorts of animals like goats and chickens…
even buffalos to be beheaded and butchered by the temple priests.

The temple is washed by a crimson tide! This place made my legs shake...
Once the sacrifice is made, the meat is brought to the nearby forests for a picnic feast for the whole family.

Dakshinkali Temple.

Swayambhunath Temple...also known as the Monkey Temple for the mobs of monkeys running around.
It was a hot afternoon so the monkeys were taking cover in the shade trees and not being very photogenic.

Swayambhunath Temple soaring above Kathmandu.

A cool treat for the children...and me!

Burning prayer candles at the Dongak Choling Gompa, Swayambhunath.

Open air cremations at Pashupatinath Temple.

Although the river is clogged with garbage and black with pollution, I saw an array of things happening...
cremations, children playing, monkeys running around, and people doing their laundry...a very surreal place!

Body's are wrapped in shrouds and laid out along the riverbank then cremated on a wooden pyre.

Holy dudes...

One of these things does not belong in this picture!

Bhaktapur City in the Kathmandu Valley is full of towering temples.