Bermuda Living

June 1999 to June 2002

There are just 60,000 residents in Bermuda on 21 square miles of land 700 miles from the nearest neighbour. Being so remote, this place has clear blue skies and clean turquoise waters...a great place to live for a few years. Bermuda is not a tropical Island, but a sub-tropical one. The weather is warm to hot in the tourist season from April to October, and the winters are similar to spring or fall in Canada...no snow!

I moved here with the intention of staying for a year...which turned into three years. Many friends came to visit me and I had a great time sailing and playing guitar at the Folk Club.

Bermuda View
View from my apartment

View of Flatts Village from the air.

December 2001 Bermuda Apartment

Bermuda Apartment

Bermuda Rainbow
I was lucky to rent this great affordable apartment. I could hear the waves lapping on the shore below and the moonlight would shine off of the water into my bedroom at night.

Staff Meeting
The people I work with on a co-workers boat for a free concert in the park next to the waters edge.

SandCastle Competition SandCastle Competition

SandCastle Competition
Annual sandcastle competition. We won 3rd place with our attempt of a piece of pie and ice cream on a plate with a fork.

The beaches that line the south shore of the island are outstanding. There's even one just a few hundred yards from my apartment. The water is crystal clear and the sand has a distinctive pink hue.

Horseback riding at Warwick Longbay Beach, South Shore

My brother and I purchased this 20 foot motor boat called 'Rooster'. We had a great time in the summer of 2001 doing some fishing, exploring new parts of the island like secluded beaches and shipwrecks and just touring around the island. It's great living in Bermuda with a boat!

In June 2000, the Tall Ships made a stop in Bermuda before sailing off to North America. My mother was here to visit that week. (that's her in the top right picture) We were able to tour some the ships...including the Canadian Bluenose.