Musical Performances

June 1999 to present...

Aqua Beach Outdoor Bar, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
2004 to 2007

Calico Jacks beach Bar, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
May, 2005

Soon after arriving in Bermuda in 1999, I was introduced to the Bermuda Folk Club... a place that puts on shows by local amateur performers the first Saturday of every month. I started doing Elvis shows and now I have honed this skill to such a degree that some people don't know my real name. They call me 'Elvis' when they see me on the street.

last winter, someone who had seen one of my performances, called me and wanted me to play at her mothers birthday party. I showed up with my guitar at the restaurant that had a small stage set up with a microphone. Her mother was very excited to see me as she was a huge Elvis fan...she even came up and sang a few songs with me.

One of my last 'Elvis' shows in Bermuda...March, 2002

I also painted the Folk Club logo banner on the back wall.

During my first summer in Bermuda, there was an outdoor concert with a couple of local bands headlining. I was asked to be the opening act! I was the Elvis impersonator again for about 15 minutes. It was a great venue at an estate on the water…as I was playing; I could see the sun setting over the bay.
I joined a band and played bass guitar for the last 2 shows before I left the island.

Here was our 60's night performance.

Bermuda Folk Club One of the few
non-Elvis shows.

For one show we had a full band...
It really rocked!

Office Christmas Party
December 1999
Office Christmas Party - December 1999