Whitewater Rafting

World-wide locations

from 1993 to present...to be continued.

Whether I am on a family vacation or on a solo adventure trip, I always like to check out the local white water rafting tours...wherever I am in the world.

Listed below are photos of my trips starting from the most recent.

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  Whitewater Rafting Adventures

Countries where I have rafted:
Nepal, Austria, Costa Rica, Zambia, Peru, Grand Canyon USA, and Ottawa Canada.

During my trip to Mount Everest in Nepal, I decided to also take in some rafting. Before I left Kathmandu, I travelled on a local bus for 2 hours to get to the put-in point. Getting there and back to Kathmandu was the most interesting part of this day!

Rafting near Kathmandu, Nepal, May 2010

On our family road trip through the Alps in 2009, I took a rafting day-trip on a river in Austria. That glacial alpine water was freezing!
Rafting Salzach River

Rafting Salzach River

Salzach River in the Austrian Alps, July 2009

While on a vacation to Costa Rica with Jayne in 2006, I went on a day-trip with Polo Azul Adventures.
Rafting Costa Rica

Rafting Costa Rica

Costa Rica, November 2006

Our trip to Southern Africa ended in Zambia where I could not pass up a trip on the mighty Zambizi River. Some rapids (class 6) were unpassable and had to be portaged around. This first image was taken just before we overturned on one of the class 5 rapids. That's me in the black at the front hanging on for dear life! Definately the wildest river trip I have ever been on!
Rafting Zambizi River, Zambia

Rafting Zambizi River, Zambia

Rafting on the mighty Zambizi River
Livingstone, Zambia, November 2005

On one of our last days in Cusco during our trip to Macchu Pichu, my brother Charles and I decided to take a white-water rafting trip on the Urubamba River. We used a company called Eric Adventures. Cost was only USD$20 including transportation and lunch!

Rafting Urubamba River, Peru

Rafting Urubamba River, Peru

Rafting on the Urubamba River
in the Andes near Cusco, July 2005

One of my first adventure trips was to the Grand Canyon on a one-week rafting and camping trip. We slept in sleeping bags on the beaches (no tent) and woke up with great views from inside the canyon! I really recommend this trip.
Rafting Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Rafting Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Rafting Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Seven day trip to the Grand Canyon
whitewater rafting and camping on the Colorado River, September 1995
Rafting Ottawa River

Weekend trip with Owl Adventures on the Ottawa River
Ontario, Canada, July 1993